Happy Thanksgiving

For those of you that follow our Facebook page, here is another feel good story that is too good not to share; and this time with a little Thanksgiving cheer added to it.

This week in the dental office we had a little girl come in for a routine cleaning and upon her exam by Dr. Miranda, 1 small cavity was diagnosed. When our assistant took the little girl back out into the reception area, where her mom was waiting, a Good Samaritan overheard the news about her having one cavity that they needed to come back and get fixed. After the little girl and her mom left, the Good Samaritan paid for the little girls filling in advance and said “they seemed like a nice hard working family, please tell them Happy Thanksgiving!”

This can be a reminder to all of us how blessed we are and thankful we should be to live in such a great country. We are inspired to follow this generous woman’s lead and pay it forward during the holiday season and we hope this story encourages you to do the same! Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at 2nd Street Dental!

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